If you are a fitness enthusiast and have a few square feet of spare space in your home to play around with, creating a home gym will become the perfect option for you to maintain your daily workout routine. This way, you can enjoy all the perks of using best-in-class exercise equipment for your workout without even having to step out of your home – such a relief for people who are genuinely short on time! So here is a list of important fitness accessories that every home gym must have. Get these and you will be more or less sorted for your daily workout needs:

Jump Ropes

A Jump rope is the perfect fitness accessory for a home gym, whether you are a serious CF or MMA trainer or are simply looking for a way to get your heart rate going and your body warmed up. It takes up minimal space and can generate enough activity to challenge an athlete of almost every shape and size.

Foam Roller

Designed with indents and raised surfaces for maximum grip and support, a foam roller can be used for all kinds of purposes – for exercise and stretching as well as to soothe sore muscles at the end of a workout. The hollow roller is made out of light weight yet durable and strong foam material that is easy to use, carry around, and store in your home gym.

Resistance bands and loops

Stretches and strength building is done best with the help of a reliable resistance band that presents a good enough challenge to really get your muscles working. Made out of durable, high quality latex material, these bands and loops are perfect for all kinds of band-based exercises.

Step platform

If you love dancing and coordinated movements and think aerobics is the best form of cardio workout out there, make sure you get a step platform for your home gym. Not only will it help increase the fat burning effect on your thighs and knees, it will also help to take your chest presses and plyo workouts to the next level of toughness

Exercise mats

You can use an exercise mat for so many purposes – yoga asanas, ab workouts or simply for that minute of rest you need before moving on to the next routine. These are comfortable, light weight, easy to store, and extremely versatile when it comes to the utility they provide in home gyms.

Go ahead and get these fitness accessories in your home gym and kick start your fitness regime at home, in style!