You don’t need lots of exercise machines or gym equipment to get fit. In fact, you may only need one thing in your home gym—and that is a weight plate. This versatile gym accessory that can be used for various types of exercises like CF and Olympic weightlifting. You can use weight plates to improve flexibility, endurance, balance, and coordination. You can even use a particular type of weight plate to prevent and recover from injuries. And of course, they are also very popular for strength training.

Load them into your barbell

Weight plates are loaded into barbells to add intensity to a strength training workout. Every time you think you have ‘outgrown’ your old dumbbells or barbells, simply add heavier weight plates. This will keep your workouts challenging and ensure that you are never bored. Having various weight plates in your gym is a great idea. That way, you can add variation to your strength training program and prevent hitting a plateau.

Use a weight plate to perform various strength exercises

Weight plates aren’t only made for barbells. In fact, you can use them on their own for warming up, for full-body strength training, and to cool down. There seem to be unlimited ways to incorporate weight plates in strength training exercises. Simply and carefully hold a weight plate out in front of you with your two hands and do squats, lunges, or crunches. To increase the intensity of these exercises, you can hold two weight plates, one for each hand.

Weight plates come in various types or styles to suit every goal and preference. Two of the common types you can buy in the market are bumper plates and iron plates. Bumper plates are made of rubber and are perfect for home gyms because they are safer to use and don’t create noise when dropped. Iron plates are thinner than bumper plates because they are made of full iron. They are also great for home gyms because they take up less space, but can be harder to handle.