The most popular and readily operable gym equipment is a treadmill. It is the best equipment for a low and medium impact work out depending on our speed and inclination. We can install these treadmills in our house for an extreme and highly energized radio session. Few pointers will help us find the best treadmill for workouts. They are listed below:


There are two choices in treadmills: manual and motorized. It is advisable to go for a motorized treadmill as it will help us optimize our workout.


The treadmill we buy should have up to more than 1.5 to double horsepower continuous duty. The motor is the operating system of the treadmill. It blows life into the equipment and thus makes this an important feature to consider while buying.


Checking the warranty details is very important before we proceed with the buying option. Find a treadmill that provides a warranty, especially on the frame and motor. The warranty limit should be of at least 10 years.

Weight limit

Always keep in mind the weight restrictions of the treadmill. Buying a treadmill with a capacity of 125kgs can take care of multiple weight requirements.

Belt size, Speed, and inclination

An ideal treadmill belt should be more than 45 inches long and at least 15 inches in width. Every treadmill offers a different range of speed. If you run faster then go for a treadmill with more speed range and vice versa. The inclination is another essential feature and should be a minimum of 10%. The automatic inclination is better than the manual as we can change it during our cardio. It is also more suited for weight loss.

Balance, cushioning, and control

The treadmill should be balanced while we sweat it out. The cushioning effect should take up all weight and shock if any. Buy a treadmill with auto lubrication so that we do not face any difficulty with its maintenance.

Other features

Check the inbuilt programs and pre-sets. They allow us to challenge ourselves. Other features check our heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered and pulse. There is also an inbuilt speaker that allows you to sing while sweating it out.

Consider these pointers to buy the best treadmills for home work out.