It might not look like much, but an exercise ball can give you a challenging full-body workout. Not convinced yet? Then try these exercises!

Overhead ball squat

The overhead ball squat is excellent your arms and legs. Do a traditional squat while holding the exercise ball over your head. Make sure that you keep your arms extended and your torso in an upright position while doing the squats. Do 10 reps if you’re a beginner, progressing to 15 reps as you improve.

Wall squat

This power move will test the strength of your quads. Wall squats may look simple, but they are actually very effective in working out all your muscle groups. This exercise can alleviate back pain and even improve your spine stability or alignment. Follow the principle of a traditional squat while doing this exercise. The only difference is that you have an exercise ball slightly squeezed between a wall and your back. Slowly do your squats. Complete 10 to 15 reps.

Prone lower body twist

This exercise targets your arms and your core. Start in a plank position with both your feet on the exercise ball. Now, this is the challenging part. Twist your body to the right while keeping both hands on the floor. Make sure that your left foot is on top of the right foot as you twist to the right. Do the same in other direction.

For more effective workouts, use the recommended size of exercise ball according to your height. More importantly, buy quality exercise ball only from a trusted fitness shop online. Some of the best ones carry anti-burst exercise balls that will not suddenly pop in case they get punctured. They deflate slowly, making them safer than standard types.