Bikes for exercise are spotted in all gyms. If you are planning to set up a home gym then exercise bikes are an essential part. It is slightly tricky for an amateur to choose the right exercise bike on sale. There are a few features that one should consider. They are listed below.


The most essential feature of any home gym bike is that it should suit our comfort level. The seat should be comfortable and should not hurt our gluteal muscles. The pedals should be adjustable to our feet and should move easily.


Exercise bikes are versatile, and come in different varieties. Below are some of the most popular exercise bikes available in the market today.

Upright bike

They are best for low-impact cardio at home. They offer the feel of a real bicycle and we can move off the seat and ride for an uphill experience.

Recumbent bikes

As the name suggests they allow us to lay back while riding the bike. They provide excellent back support and come with an adjustable seat. It is the ideal bike for older adults as they can adjust the seat to their comfort.

Indoor cycle

This bike provides a higher level of indoor workout and therefore, burns more calories. This type of cycle comes with many adjustable features in the seat and the handlebar. The pedals are high end and racing style.

A heavier flywheel offers an exquisite and smooth experience of riding a bike. Choose a bike with a flywheel of more than 8 kgs.


Some bikes have grip sensors to track our heart rate and calories. They allow us to keep a check on the number of calories burnt and sometimes even our pulse and blood pressure. Some bikes have an inbuilt speaker that allows us to enjoy music while working out. A workout does not feel like a burden with music and a distance tracker to uplift our mood.

Space and Price

An exercise bike on sale with foldable features will suit a home gym. It will take less floor space when not in use. Price is also an important point to consider. One can get a good, durable bike for an affordable price. The normal price range is INR 4000/- to INR 15000.

These are a few features that will help you choose your ideal exercise bike on sale for a home gym.