Many people prefer to be in the presence of others while they exercise because being in public motivates them to work out harder. But let’s face it—not everyone likes exercising while others are watching. The privacy of a home gym can be beneficial for those in the latter group.

Aside from privacy, there are many benefits to setting up workout machines and gym equipment at home. One of the biggest is sanitation and hygiene. If you have ever stepped into a membership gym, you might be apprehensive about using equipment that other people before you used. There is no worry about germs when you work out in your own private gym. You never need to wonder if the bench you are lying down on is covered by a stranger’s sweat and tears, because you will be doing the cleaning and maintenance yourself.

Safety is another benefit of having your own home gym. You can personally inspect your gym equipment and replace any worn out parts to keep yourself and your family safe from harm—which is something that you cannot be sure of when working out in a membership gym. Most gyms are reliable enough, but why leave it up to them when you could control the environment yourself?

Finally, there’s cost and convenience. You no longer need to wake up extra early and spend on gas to get to your gym because all the equipment you need is at home. You don’t have to pay a membership fee nor spend on fancy gym clothes to look presentable. You also won’t be tempted to buy a fancy smoothie from the juice bar. While you have to make a sizeable investment on your own equipment, they pay for themselves quite quickly because of all the savings you will make—both in terms of money and time.