Why Choose MiFitness as a Gym Equipment Supplier

There are approximately 30 gym equipment suppliers in South Africa, how do you know you are choosing the right gym equipment supplier?

  • Experience in the industry

    • Experience is an important consideration. Suppliers that are inexperienced may give incorrect advice in certain situations. The supplier won’t know what can go wrong with equipment, and will not have a strategy to sort out issues that may arise.
  • Size of the supplier

    • You get suppliers that have multiple branches. If the supplier is too big, you will lose out on that personal touch.
    • If the supplier is too small, they will not be able to give you the support you require
    • If the supplier is small, the chances are they are just a reseller, and you will be over paying for the equipment
  • Support & back up service

    • What is the support structure like? These are questions you need to ask.
    • Does the supplier carry a wide range of spares? Do they have maintenance staff to fix any issues that may arise? Do they have the man power to assist when there is a problem?
  • Additional services offered

    • Additional services like equipment advice, gym planning, 3D floorplans etc, all add a lot of value when you are making a purchasing decision.
  • Footprint

    • Does the supplier have a national footprint? This is closely linked to backup service and support. You want to only buy equipment once, and therefore you need to buy right the first time. Buy from a supplier that has a larger footprint
  • Stock availability

    • No one wants to wait weeks for equipment. If the supplier carries no stock, then they want the customer to make the purchase first, then buy the stock, which means there is no risk to the supplier. In some situations it is impossible to carry stock of everything, but it is important that the supplier carries a wide range of stock. If the supplier carries a large amount of stock, it shows their confidence in their product.

Types of Gym Equipment Available:

Cardio Equipment
Strength Equipment
Commercial Gym Equipment