It seems people do not have the time to exercise nowadays, which is why the term “mini workouts” has taken over the internet and social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest. The idea of micro or mini-workouts is that you exercise for 5 to 10 minutes a day, or do 3 small workout sessions throughout the day. For example, you can jog for 10 minutes in the morning before getting ready for work, then exercise again for 5 to 10 minutes during your lunch break. Before hitting the bed, you can squeeze in another 10-minute workout to complete the three sessions for the day. Of course, even mini workouts require gym equipment. Here are a few things you might find handy:

Exercise mat

A little stretching on an exercise matbefore and after a workout—no matter how short—is still essential to prevent any injury. Plus, there are many exercise routines that may require you to lie down on a mat (such as abdominal crunches).


Routine workouts such as the push-ups, squats, straight punches etc. become more challenging and exciting with the help of a pair of 3 to 10-pound dumbbells. Working out with a pair of dumbbells for half an hour instantly burns up calories and fires up the muscles in the arms and core.

Medicine ball

Like dumbbells, a medicine ball makes things a tad more difficult. Make sure to purchase a medicine ball that is made with high-quality material and not split into two parts.

Jumping or skipping ropes

Skipping rope for even just two minutes immediately hikes up the heart rate during a warm up. Since you only have a few minutes, you need warm up gym equipment that needs to get your heart going and sweat dripping fast.


If it is raining outside and you can’t jog for 10 minutes, then step on a treadmill that offers the same amount of workout as running outdoors. Running for 10 minutes is a quick workout that allows you to watch television or read a book at the same time. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.