Elliptical Trainers are ideal workout machines, especially when you are only starting out. They are low-impact machines that are easy on the joints, yet offer enough resistance to challenge both your upper and lower body to encourage optimal calorie burn. Unlike your traditional treadmill, an elliptical has cushioned pedals along with a drive system, which creates a smooth, gliding, circular motion that replicates walking or jogging without the usual stress on the joints as the feet are supported by the pedals at all times. In addition to working the lower body, elliptical trainers simultaneously hit the upper body, which helps increase muscle tone and add to calorie burn. If you think that an elliptical is the perfect entry-levelworkout machine for you, here are tips on getting the best bang for your buck:

The first consideration you should make once deciding to buy an elliptical trainer is the budget. You should know exactly how much you are willing to spend so as not to overpay for an overly expensive machine with features that you will never use. Familiarize yourself with the different features and tiers of trainers available in the market. Fortunately for you, companies that sell gym equipment make the task easier by providing you with lists of products and the features they offer for easier selection. The basic types of elliptical trainers include basic, standard, home use, and elite, each with their own price range.

Compact ellipticals that are designed for personal use for instance, are ideal for those looking for a basic machine. Basic units may not have the bells and whistles and custom features of other more advanced machines, but they are way cheaper and will give you all you need without forcing you to spend more on features you don’t really need. These machines usually start at around $500, while higher end models sell for $1,500 and above.