First Degree Fluid Rowers

Water has unique “cube rule” physical properties, which means that to go twice as fast through it requires 8 times the effort!

Every competitive rower knows the feel of the cube rule, and just how tough it can be to squeeze that tiny extra bit of speed out of the boat in the race to the finish line.

The internal surface design of our patented twin cavity tanks means that there is no slack, no slippage, no flat spots, just full on resistance, in an instant, always there for you at the precise moment you want it- you set the resistance level at the stroke speed you want. So as the athlete increases workout intensity, the Fluid Technology resistance unit responds instantaneously.

Fluid Rowers Available

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    Fluid Apollo Hybrid Pro Rower

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One Tank,
Two Chambers

The patented Fluid Technology variable resistance system makes ingenious use of a twin-chamber tank.

Water can be transferred to and from the two chambers by means of a lever or dial operation. Water in the outer chamber provides resistance to paddles when rotated by the pulling force of the user. Any water in the inner “passive” chamber does not provide resistance. Thus the resistance can be varied through changing the water level in the outer tank and the effort of the user.

Fluid Rower Minimum Resistance

Minimum Resistance. Here most of the water is in inner (passive) chamber
The inner chamber purely provides passive storage of water.

So there is less weight of water to move in the outer (active) chamber.

The position of the indicator determines the relative levels between the two chambers.

Fluid Rower Medium Resistance

The water levels are even between chambers and this gives Medium Resistance

Fluid Rower Max Resistance

Here most water is in outer (active) chamber. The maximum weight of water gives
Maximum Resistance