Elliptical trainers are often recommended for people who don’t like using treadmills or are looking for something that offers a lower-impact kind of workout. Your body doesn’t just move on the elliptical trainer—it actually moves with it. This can spare you from getting injured due to excessive pressure on your joints.

Are you shopping for one for your home gym or your commercial fitness centre? Pay attention to these factors when buying elliptical trainers for sale:

  • Usage – Will the elliptical trainer be used in the confines of your home or in a commercial gym space? Knowing this can significantly affect your purchasing decision, as some machines are built only for home gyms while others can stand up to heavy use in commercial gyms.
  • Longevity – Elliptical trainers can be pricey, so you want something that can last more than just a couple of years. Find a model that comes with a warranty. Good elliptical trainers can perform at their best for 5 to 7 years when used regularly.
  • Price – You can spend as little as 11,000R to as much as 35,000R on this machine. The cost varies according to features. There’s no need to overpay for add-ons you don’t need.
  • Features – Do you want to be able to track your heart rate as you work out? Get one that has a built-in monitoring system. If you are open to adding variety to your workout, go with a machine that allows you to modify the intensity of resistance in multiple ways.
  • Power supply – If you plan to purchase an elliptical trainer for commercial use, be sure to consider the expenses involved in running it, such as electric costs. Opting for one that has self-generating power supply can be a better option if this is a concern.