Exercise bikes—whether used at home or in commercial gyms—have always been popular with health and fitness enthusiasts. With their cardio-improving and strength-promoting benefits, it’s easy to see why fitness buffs invest in them. Although exercise bikes might look similar to each other, they actually have varying features. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are in the market for exercise bikes for sale.

  • Utility – Are you purchasing for personal or commercial use? You can immediately filter your choices by simply answering this question.
  • Budget – Exercise bikes vary widely in terms of costs, and the price depends mostly on the size and features. Decide if you want to invest in costlier top-of-the-line types or if you want to a more economical model. A good supplier of gym equipment and exercise bikes for sale can offer a wide selection in all price points.
  • Size – These types of equipment are space-consuming by nature, so space is certainly a big consideration. Before purchasing a bike, make sure you have enough space to accommodate it. If you are buying for a commercial gym, make sure that there is enough room around the machine.
  • Durability – What materials is the bike made of? How resistant is it to temperature and heavy use?
  • Operability – It is better to go for exercise bikes that are easy to operate. You wouldn’t want to affect the quality of your workout routine just because you cannot understand your bike’s complex features.
  • Back support – Bike workouts can add unwanted tension and pressure on the lower back especially for beginners. If you have a particularly bad back or are suffering from minor back pains or injuries, choose a model that provides ample back support.
  • Added features – Stationary bike workouts can quickly become boring. Fortunately, top gym equipment manufacturers are now providing added features that make exercising much more interesting. Need music to give you an added push? Choose a model with USB / MP3 interface and stereo speakers. Need to change up your routine? Choose bikes with built-in training modes so you can customise your biking sessions.

The next time you see exercise bikes for sale, remember these tips. You’ll surely end up with a purchase you won’t regret.