Whether it is a gym or home, an exercise ball is a common thing that you will find at both these places. Also known as a Swish Ball or stability ball, the origin of an exercise ball is considered a breakthrough in the world of fitness. This is because there are many advantages of using the same.


An exercise ball is made using soft elastic, having a diameter of 14 to 34 inches. It is filled with air and provides many health benefits. An exercise ball is limited to gyms and fitness centers, but many physical therapists also use it at their clinics. It provides impressive back rehabilitation. This ball works wonders for core stability.


Exercise ball – The perfect way to strengthen your core: 


Whether it is yoga, Pilates, stretching, or any other form of exercise, an exercise ball finds extensive use. Maintaining core strength constitutes an integral part of any workout, and this is where an exercise ball can help you achieve your core stability. Training with an exercise ball during yoga, Pilates, or a simple stretching workout is an amazing way to focus on all the hard-to-reach and deep muscles.


Merely sitting on the exercise ball helps to activate your stabilizer muscles and help you connect with the center of gravity. You can further engage your core muscles by moving core farther away from the body. This posture helps you maintain your balance, which is otherwise very difficult. You can also try the poses such as squats, abdominal crunches, plank, and push-ups using an exercise ball. 


An exercise ball can also be used for ergonomic lifting. Here is how you can workout using an exercise ball:


  • Place the ball against a wall at the small of your back such that it is feet shoulder-width apart and 1-2 feet in front of your hips.


  • Put your hands on the hips and bend your knees slightly, squatting down without leaning. Do not let the exercise ball move. Your knees shouldn’t extend over toes while performing this movement.


  • Return to the standing position. Repeat.


Now that you know all the advantages and workout involving an exercise ball, it’s time to buy it and begin working out with this fantastic fitness equipment.