• Free weights are great for fitness buffs. From gym rats to home based exercise junkies, dumbbells give a multitude of exercise routine options. Home exercise equipment manufacturers have taken up the challenge of providing advanced exercise equipment to improve and optimize the way we keep fit. New designs for free weights and dumbbells have made it accessible even to home based gyms and not just for big health and fitness facilities. 

    Old dumbbell designs use to be simplistic, using individual weights. This meant that you had to keep and maintain a lot of gear, which also takes up a lot of space and looking after. Advances in modern design now gives us compact modular equipment like adjustable dumbbells. They work by allowing the weight to be adjusted in 5 pound increments. The rest of the weight is left on a cradle while the needed weight is lifted free. This gives an already versatile tool even more flexibility

    Dumbbells could be used for a number of exercise routines. Alternate arm curls help build up biceps. Kickback lifts are good for your triceps. Crunches assisted with dumbbells help tone and firm up abdominal muscles. Dumbbell dead lifts are used to work your back muscles. You can even use rowing exercises with dumbbells for your shoulders. 

    Use dumbbells with leg exercises. Squats and forward lunges are great for working your upper and lower thigh muscles. Side lunges will work and tone the inner thighs, so do not miss a few repetitions of those. Toe raises target your calf muscles.

    As clearly illustrated, dumbbells provide a lot of uses for different exercises. making them one of the most versatile home exercise equipment available in the market. Its simplicity of use and compact size makes it a great exercise tool. Pick up a good pair today and level up your exercise routine.