It doesn’t matter which gym you go to, you definitely come across the two most famous cardio machines which are the elliptical trainer and treadmill. Both of them are best for cardio workouts and burn a lot of calories, but most of the people prefer a treadmill because they have been around it a little longer than the elliptical trainer. Though elliptical has its own advantages, you can get the elliptical trainer for sale and check yourself. But which one is better for your cardio workout?

Advantages of Elliptical Trainer

This machine combines the arm and leg motion. It is famous for the house as well as at the gym.

  • The best workout of a body

By using the arm handles along with the pedals, you work on your core and upper body, not only the lower body.

  • No impact workout

Your feet never leave the pedals, so your joints, bone, and ligament don’t take the same stress as it comes with running. This is a major advantage if you have joint pain or problems.

  • Different variety

You not only get the option to add resistance to change workouts, but you can also even go backward – it is something which cannot be done easily on a treadmill. If you decide to purchase an elliptical trainer for sale, it can even be done at your home safely.

Advantages of Treadmill

A treadmill containing a motor use it to move the belt, which allows you to walk or run in place.

  • Different variety

You can either walk or run on the treadmill at different speeds and the incline can even be changed for different types of workouts.

  • Impact workout

You can either do the low impact workout by walking or high impact workout by running, both of them helps to build the strong muscles.

  • It can be used easily

There’s nothing to learn while walking on a treadmill, other than getting used to the moving belt.

Bottom Line

Both of the machines are great. If you are working out at the gym, you can consider using both of them. If you are considering buying for a home gym, the elliptical trainer for sale is the best choice.