Great abs are a quick and sure-shot sign of health and fitness. Perhaps that is the reason why most gym goers and fitness junkies are all after sculpting their bodies with washboard abs. But more often than not, people complain that they aren’t able to derive the results promised from an ab machine session. The truth is, they just aren’t doing it right! So here, in the following points, is a description of the correct way of using ab machines. Follow these points to fine tune your workout to get abs that look as though they are carved out of wood:

Focus on the burn

Most people tend to zone out while working their abs or putting in crunches. It is easy to draw your focus away from your body as you use an abs machine – simply listen to the music or watch the morning news as your muscles burn themselves away. But this practice gets you to lose out on establishing a mind-body connection that will eventually help recruit more muscle fibers and improve your workout results. So clear your head off your to-do-list and start feeling the burn in your midsection as you work out on an ab machine.

Breathing is important

Holding your breath while working your ab muscles is a wasted effort. Your core needs oxygen to work at full capacity. Fitness trainers therefore, recommend that when you are using an ab machine, try to inhale during the easiest part of the move and exhale as you exert the most force from your muscles. This will help derive the maximum burn from your core.

Intensity and Variation

Ab machines are designed to provide you a variety of well-rounded workouts of different intensities. So choose to start small and explore your strength initially. As your body gets used to the burn, step on the gas pedal and build up your workout intensity by adding weight and changing moves. This technique helps with strength building, fat burning and providing you with a more complex and effective workout on the ab machine.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to maximize the results from your ab machine workout.