Exercise is necessary for everyone irrespective of one’s age. But not everyone is able to hit the gym. That doesn’t mean that they cannot workout. They can practice an exercise routine in their homes, and the best addition to the routine are pull-ups as they help in strength and mass building exercises, which are convenient to use, affordable and keeps us on track. For this you are going to need a pull up bar. But before buying one, you should know the basic facts and information about pull up bars:

Pull-up bars can be mounted in various ways, wiz:

  • Doorway,
  • Wall,
  • Ceiling,
  • Joist mounts.

When choosing the mounting style, you have to consider your location, portability and weight limits. Nowadays, pull up bars showcasing innovative designs and multipurpose-use features are available in the market.

Apart from this, one should also know the different types of pull up bars and chose the one that suits them the best. The type of pull up bar usually depends on way it is mounted. The various kinds of pull up bars are:

  • Wall mounted pull up bars
  • Ceiling mounted pull up bars
  • Doorway mounted pull up bars
  • Joist mounted pull up bars
  • Chin pull up bars
  • Pull up dip bar
  • Perfect pull up brand
  • Free standing pull up bar
  • Iron gym pull up bar

Pull up bars are great piece of equipment available for exercising. It will help you to move every single muscle in your body. If you own a pull up bar, you own everything you need for an epic workout.