Commercial Gym Equipment Ranges

Shua Fitness Equipment

Shua is our Flagship Commercial Fitness Brand

Shua combines luxury and premium quality into an affordable budget. The Shua range consists of Cardio Equipment and Strength Equipment.

Shua Products also include class leading warranties on all their products

Powercore Black Series

The Powercore Black Series Series is our latest addition to the popular Powercore Range.  The Powercore Black Series is again an even more affordable range. The range includes Benches, Racks, Selectorized Machines, and Lower Body Plate loaded machines. The Powercore Black Series is the most affordable range of commercial gym equipment available in South Africa.

WARRANTY: Structural steel frame-5 years; Powder coating-3 years; Rotary bearing, weight stack, pulley, guide rods, structural parts – 2 years; Cable, linear bearing, spings, Upholstery, pads, handgrips -1 year

Impulse FE Line Gym Equipment

The Impulse FE Line is the flagship line for Impulse. Includes a timer and counter, made from 3mm thick tube steel.

Impulse IT95 Line Gym Equipment

The Impulse IT95 replaces the outgoing IT Line. The IT95 Line is based on the original Impulse IT Line which has proven to be one of the best lines of gym equipment ever available over the last decade.

Impulse IT Line Gym Equipment

The Impulse IT Line is a longstanding and proven line of high end commercial gym equipment, from the renowned brand, Impulse.

Impulse SL Line Gym Equipment

The Impulse SL line is a high line of Commercial Grade Plate Loaded Machines. The SL line consists of a wide range of plate loaded machines.

Impulse IF8 Line Gym Equipment

The Impulse IF8 Line is an entry level commercial range of Gym Equipment, at affordable pricing.

Impulse PL Line Gym Equipment

The Impulse PL Line consists of a range of Dual Motion selectorized/circuit training machines. Dual motion machines refer to equipment that can perform two movements, i.e. one machine can adjust from a leg extension to a leg curl.