When cardio turns up, you might start thinking about some of these options: cycling, walking, running or using elliptical. While from all the best options, various gyms use the secret weapon – cardio row machine.

If it’s used correctly, this machine has the ability to offer challenging and crazy cardio workout.

Why rowing is considered to be the good cardio?

From our childhood itself, we grow up biking and running, so the real mechanics of the exercise are second nature. On the other hand, rowing is no doubt a new sport; therefore, it’s challenging and tough. It needs more attention as well as attention to get it in the right place, especially if you are a beginner, but its benefits are worth to do it.

For the movement purpose only, rowing is more than the combination exercise – cardiovascular endurance and working muscular. For rowing, it is essential to use you’re lower as well as upper body simultaneously.

It works well on various muscle groups such as arms, shoulders, legs, and core, one time each. The push and pull needed is unique to the stationary machines, and its set-up means that you are considering the cardiovascular training and strength training in a low-impact workout.

How rowing can be compared to other cardio forms?

For the beginners, rowing can burn about 600-800 calories in an hour. Unlike running, rowing is of low-impact, which makes it the perfect cross-training workout. It’s even easy to tailor your workout as per your fitness level. If compare to other types of cardio forms, rowing offer another level of muscle work. It gets hit on everything in the lower body as well as upper body, and core. Other machines can also boast the advantage of the full body.

Which muscles does row focus on?

The big push known as the catch – works your hamstrings, quads, and gluts. Those muscles of the leg push repeatedly every time you row, and since they are the biggest muscles present in the body, you burn a lot of calories.


With cardio row machine, you get the ability to perform two exercises at a time which are the combination of running and lifting. The exercises will make you stronger.