Cardio workouts are not only designed to improve muscular and aerobic endurance. Many of these exercise routines are also useful for those trying to bulk up, shed calories, cut fat, and make abs more pronounced. Below are tried and true cardio machines that help burn calories and boost overall performance in the gym:

Arc Trainers

The arc trainer is a resisted, non-impact cardio device that delivers multiple incline levels (21 in a standard machine) and features wireless heart rate monitoring. More advanced models even have built-in power work-outs, cardio exercises, and weight loss routines. Whether you like gliding at low-incline levels, striding mid-rage, or power climbing, arc trainers help burn major calories and improve athleticism.

Indoor Rowers

An indoor rower is a good machine for elevating heart rate, burning fat, and building muscle. Indoor rowers are also preferred by home gym enthusiasts because of their compact configuration. This machine is designed to help strengthen glutes, work hamstrings, and other important muscle groups like your quadriceps and calves, all while shedding unwanted pounds.

Jacob’s Ladder

Another quintessential cardio machine, Jacob’s ladder places users at a 40-degree angle. This reduces lower back stress while climbing. The optimal position also enables full range of motion as you increase rung speed. Variable speeds give you full control of the intensity of the workout. Jacob’s ladder is a good machine for burning calories and increasing heartrate.

Stationary bike/spinner

Stationary bikes and spinners have magnetic/hydraulic resistant systems to simulate real biking experience most models come with backlit computer screens that show useful metrics like rpms and watts, which help track fitness. Some more advanced machines even allow variable handlebar positions and seat adjustment so you can tailor workout position to your liking and create different difficulties for maximum cardio and muscle toning effects. Spinners are among the greatest cardio equipment you will find in any gym center or home gym.