Stationary rowing machines, otherwise known as ergometer or “erg” for short, are excellent pieces of home gym equipment you should consider investing on. They are among the most sought after and recommended home gym machines by both trainers and equipment distributors who know exactly what gym-goers need to help their workout routines. Rowing machines are best for strengthening cardiovascular capacity and endurance, building muscle tone, and increasing stamina. If these are exactly what your exercise plan needs, read on to know the right type of rowing machine to buy:

Rowing machines are all about resistance, which is exactly why understanding the different resistance type these machines have is essential to finding the right equipment for your workout. Indoor rowing machines have four basic resistance types, namely, air, water, hydraulic piston, and magnetic and below are brief descriptions of each:

Air resistance rowing machine

This type of rowing machine features fan blades that create resistance as the user increases rowing intensity. This means that the more intensity you give, the more resistance the machine creates.

Water resistance rowing machine

For a more realistic rowing motion, choose water resistance machine, which produces sounds and sensations that replicate how rowing on actual water is like. The machine consists of oar blades that wade through the water, which then creates resistance. Similar to the first type, resistance in a water rowing machine increases as the rower’s intensity increases.

Hydraulic piston rowing machine

This type of rowing machine uses hydraulic pistons, which can easily be adjusted according to the user’s strength. It is the cheapest in price out of the four resistance types and is a good choice for those who want a quiet machine.

• Magnetic rowing machine

Magnetic rowing machines also allow adjustable resistance through its magnetic breaking system. This is preferred because of its low-maintenance nature and durability.