Dumbbells are among the most commonly used fitness equipment in the world due to their versatility. They can be incorporated into most workouts and exercise routines where strength training and cardio are the main focus. Buying dumbbells for sale may be an overwhelming experience for first-timers, but this guide should help the process become easier and less daunting. Here are the things to keep in mind when shopping for dumbbells:

  • Know the types of dumbbells available – You are likely to come across fixed, studio, and adjustable dumbbells for sale. Fixed ones are the most common and they are typically sold in pairs, weighing from 1kg to 100kg. Adjustable dumbbells will come with a variety of weights and you can adjust or replace the weights as necessary. Studio dumbbells are ideal for light resistance routines, and they are typically color coded according to weight, so they can easily be identified.
  • Know your requirements – Analyse your individual strength. Home users and small gyms will typically require a 2.5kg to 30kg set of fixed dumbbells. 50kg to 100kg ones are more suitable for body-builders and avid weightlifters. You can also find large, midrange dumbbells weigh weights ranging from 2.5kg to 50kg.
  • Identify your storage requirements – If you lack storage space and you are planning to buy multiple dumbbells for sale, consider adjustable ones. If you have space, consider investing in appropriate storage equipment so you do not have to leave your dumbbells lying around or with other things in your home or gym.
  • Buy from a reputable retailer – Choose an established and credible store that carries a wide array of dumbbells for sale.  Some retailers even have fitness specialists who can help you pick the right products for your requirements. Browse their selection of products online before considering a visit to their actual store, so you can have an idea on what they have to offer.