The Best Gym Equipment

What is the best gym equipment? In South Africa, we have access to the premium brands of Gym Equipment, such as: Technogym, Precor, Life Fitness, Startrac and so forth. These brands may be regarded as the best because they are well known. There is no doubt that the quality of these brands are really good. However, there are unknown brands that are equally as good.

The premium brands mentioned above, come with a really expensive price tag. The best question to ask is “What is the best gym equipment, for my needs”. When you start selecting the best equipment for your needs, then there is a lot more gym equipment available.

Top Tier Brands

Brands like Technogym, Precor, Life Fitness, Startrac, Cybex and so forth fall under these brands. Many of these brands are manufactured in countries where labour costs are quite high, i.e. Italy, America and so forth. The cost of manufacturing is higher than in countries like China. All these brands have high end features, and are quality made products. They do come at a price.

Price Points on Treadmills: 
+- R50,000+ For a Home Treadmill
+- R150,000+ For a Commercial Treadmill

As you can see these brands are incredibly expensive. It is ideal for high end gyms, and home users that have a large budget

Affordable Quality Brands

Brands like Powercore (South African Born Brand, Manufactured in Taiwan and China), DKN and Impulse are high quality affordable brands. They may not have extensive features like the top end brands, i.e. Touch Screen displays etc. They do however provide bang for buck for the customer.

Price Points on Treadmills:
+- R15,000+ For a Home Treadmill
+- R32,000+ For a Commercial Treadmill

These brands are affordable for the average consumer. These brands are ideal for Gym Owners who still require good quality products, but do not have the budget for the top tier brands

Budget Brands

Brands like Trojan, are budget brands. These brands are designed for entry level home-use.

Price Points on Treadmills:
+- R6,500+ for a Home Treadmill

These brands are only designed for entry level home use, and not commercial grade use.