No other cardio machine can be used to work out the entire body, including the upper and the lower body parts as efficiently as the indoor cardio rover. While you burn around 350 to 400 calories during one hour of your jogging session, a cardio rover may burn around 380 calories in 30 minutes only! Unlike other exercises, rowing involves both your cardiac as well as other muscles of the body and is a combination exercise. Here are some of the benefits of a cardio row machine that will make you prefer it over on other forms of cardiovascular exercises.

Total Body Workout and Conditioning Schedule

Rowing can give your body’s lower as well as upper back and shoulder muscles a good workout anytime. Because the seat can be slid, rowing can provide an excellent workout for lower body portion and muscles. Each of the reps at rowing will involve quadriceps, glutes, hamstring, calves, biceps, triceps, pecs deltoids, lats, and the upper back. Apart from these muscles, your wrist and hands will also become stronger because of the constant gripping motions.

An Exercise with Lowest Impact

Rowing is more like a natural movement where you are sitting in a very comfortable position, close to the room’s floor. Because there is no stress applied to any part of the body including joints, ankles, elbows and other areas, it is a low impact activity. Rowing can help obese and those suffering from joint conditions like arthritis lose weight and/or gain cardiovascular health fast. It also helps in removing excess fat deposited on the various areas of the body including thighs, and the abdominal region among other body areas.

Cardiovascular Health and Conditioning

All individuals need to undertake at least 2.5 hours or 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each week that can provide for good heart health, as per research findings. The exercise will keep your heart in good condition and will prevent several diseases including atherosclerosis, stroke, and others. Cardiovascular exercises can be done easily on the rowing machine, which has settings for both moderate and vigorous intensity. Twentyminutes of a vigorous-intensity exercise like rowing maybe enough for good heart health for the whole week.

While rowing has many benefits, try to start the session under the guidance of physical trainer and instructor. If you are using the machine at home, move on gradually, do not undergo excessive exertion at the start, and keep on hydrating yourself during your exercise sessions. You can also watch some videos online to use your new cardio row machine safely and with maximum benefits.