How do you know you are buying a GENUINE Assault Air Bike

The Air Bike market has exploded since the Assault Bike was launched roughly 3-4 years ago. As with all things, when something becomes popular,  many similar looking products available. The Air Bike market is no different. This article is not to bash any brands, we simply would like everyone to be aware of differences between an authentic and genuine Assault Bike VS Bikes that look similar to the Assault Bike.

Assault bikes vs similar looking bikes

The Assault Bike is a tried and tested piece of machinery. The Assault Bike has been improved many times over the past three years. The Assault Bikes available now are the hardiest air bikes available, which is why they have been used in the CF Games, and why they are the most popular Air Bike in the world, for good reason.

An Air Bike takes abuse, the bikes are used aggressively which means that quality cannot be compromised.

There are some key differences to note between the Assault Bike, and similar looking bikes.

  1. At a closer look the frames are different
  2. The blade position on the Assault Air Bike differ to similar looking bikes, this changes the resistance levels of the bike
  3. Calorie count, and other readouts on an Assault Air Bike may be different to a similar looking bike
  4. The Assault Air Bike is tried and tested, and has been upgrade many times.
  5. Assault invests heavily in R&D, which means that as new technology is developed, it will be adapted to new bikes as well as existing bikes. (* Assault will be launching something exciting soon, watch this space.)

* The below images are used as a reference to show the difference between the Assault Bike and similar looking bikes.

There are certain areas on an Airbike that take the most impact

1. Linkage Arm


The Assault Bike Linkage arm has been upgraded, to ensure durability. High-Quality bearings are used. The single-piece construction ensures that they are no weak areas when transferring power from the handles to the linkage and then onto the crank.

2. Bell Crank

Assault Air Bike Vs Similar Looking Bikes

The bell Crank takes the most impact on the Assault Air Bike. Think about it, all your weight is on the area when you cycling. For example, if you weight 80kg, when you are cycling, or jumping onto the bike, the actual pressure you put on the bell crank is much more than your actual weight. The Assault Air Bike is made from Cast Iron and is brutally strong. The left and right crank arms are also made from heavy-duty forged steel.

3. Consoles

Assault bike Vs Smai Bike

As you can see from the above images, this is a comparison console to the Smai Air Bike.