What do you get when you put together a team of fitness engineers, gym owners, physical therapists and gym trainers? You get the Assault Air Bike, which is the NFL of fan bikes. Coincidentally, it is used by the NFL, NBA and the NHL to train their athletes.

Despite its athletic and celebrity clientele, the Assault Air Bike is available for anyone who wants a decent workout. This machine that can provide nearly unlimited workouts with individualized adjustments and multiple options. While most equipment can only provide one to three options (easy, medium, and hard), the Assault Air Bike is programmed with eight workout options and infinite adjustments to make your gym session as customized as possible. Whether you want a short but high-intensity workout or a long and slow endurance burn, you can get it from the Assault Air Bike.

Aside from its crisp LCD and high tech on-board features, the Assault Air Bike is also built to handle virtually anything. The frame is made of high-tensile steel and is sealed with a coat of industrial powder paint. The unlimited resistance and power of the machine comes from its 27-inch steel fan that hikes up the resistance automatically as you further push, pull or pedal your way through. While it banks on its durability and fuss-free parts that are engineered to be long-lasting, it does not skimp on comfort. The seats are adjustable, sweat-proof, and anatomically designed so you can focus more on your workout—not on the uncomfortable seat.

There are many imitations of the Assault Air Bike in the market. These duplicates may look exactly like the original but do not have the same features and are not made of the same durable materials, so be careful. Make sure you buy from an authorized dealer to get the original product.