Walking into a gym for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience. You see racks upon racks of dumbbells, weight plates, barbells, workout machines, big balls, little balls and even half balls for that matter, and you have no idea what any of it is meant for! For most people, their first time using weight lifting equipment can be awkward, uncomfortable and even a bit risky. Don’t worry take a deep breath and read this blog post to learn 5 brilliant ways to use weight lifting equipment. Here you will learn tips that will help you use weight lifting accessories like a pro, to build your strength and fitness in no time:

  • Controlling your breath is an important part of weight lifting movement, irrespective of the machine or accessory that you are using. Remember this – breathe in when you are pushing or pulling something and breathe out when you return back to your original position.
  • The setting of the seat on the weight lifting equipment can vastly affect your comfort levels while performing the exercise as well as the effectiveness of the movement you are performing. Make sure your feet are firmly flat and keep your thighs parallel to the ground, while being seated on a machine. If not, adjust your seat height accordingly.
  • Never stick to a single machine and resistance setting for too long. Different weight lifting equipment target different muscle groups. Try targeting varied parts of your body AND ensure that you progressively increase the resistance levels of your workout for better results.
  • Try to avoid sitting or resting between sets on different weight lifting machines. The ideal way to exercise should be working out one muscle group in your body while another is resting. Sitting idle for more than 60 seconds is a strict no-no when working out in a gym.
  • Be as slow as you can manage while changing positions with weight. Slow movements demand more effort from your body muscles as compared to rapid ones, even when you are carrying the same amount of weight. Try it – you’ll feel the difference.

Just keep these three basic tips in mind when working out on weight lifting equipment. All the best!