3D Gym Floorplans

One of the services we offer our customers is a 3D Gym Floor Design. We have designers in house that can assist with 3D Floorplans that will bring your project to life. A none refundable payment of R1500.00 to be paid before we start the design.

Please note that this design service is only on offer to potential clients. For large 3D designs, are bigger deposit may be required, and additional costs may be charged for addition design work, similar to costs associated with 3D designs with architects and the like

Benefits of a 3D Floorplan

  • Gives you an idea of what the finished product could look like
  • Helps you space out the gym equipment
  • See what colour schemes will be appropriate
  • A 3D Floorplan will look professional in presentations if needed

It’s FREE! to all our customers


Samples of 3D Floorplans for various customers