Five Mini Workouts to Try At Home

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With so much going on in our busy lives, there seem to be no time to fit in all our activities—and much less time for squeezing in a workout. Doing short focused routines is a great way to fit in some exercise into your tight schedule. Here are a few mini workouts you can try. Do [...]

Fitness Technology and Gym Equipments Best Fitted For Home

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Putting together a home gym can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be too complicated. And the rewards would also be worth it in terms of convenience. Here are a few things to consider for putting together your very own setup. A basic setup does not have to include big, fancy machinery [...]

Exercise and Physical Activity: Are They Different?

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They may seem to be one and the same thing, but there is a clear distinction between exercise and physical activity. By definition, physical activity involves movement carried out by our muscles that require energy, which means that any movement we do is actually is in fact a physical activity. Research tells us that all normal [...]

Dumbbells are a Boon to Fitness Freaks

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Free weights are great for fitness buffs. From gym rats to home based exercise junkies, dumbbells give a multitude of exercise routine options. Home exercise equipment manufacturers have taken up the challenge of providing advanced exercise equipment to improve and optimize the way we keep fit. New designs for free weights and dumbbells have made [...]