What You Need to Know About Exercise Bikes

By | March 20th, 2017|Categories: Fitness Forum|

Once a popular item in every household, the exercise bike was quickly overshadowed by fancy, high-tech gym equipment. Do you have one at home? It’s time to start dusting it off because bikes are making a comeback. You might even consider upgrading to a newer and better model. Here are somethings you need to know about [...]

Switch up Your Workouts by Adding Weight Lifting Equipment to Your Home Gym

By | March 20th, 2017|Categories: Fitness Forum|

Weight lifting could be done by most people-including women and children. This is why it’s a good idea to add weight lifting equipment to your home gym for everyone in the family to use. And no-weight lifting is not just for bulking up. It can also tone the muscles without adding bulk and improve overall health. [...]

A Guide on How to Buy Weight Lifting Equipment

By | March 20th, 2017|Categories: Fitness Forum|

There are a couple of things to consider before you go on to purchase your weight lifting equipment—and they are especially important if you are buying online and setting up a gym at home. Here are a few tips: Do your research - Take a look at product reviews and see what other customers have to [...]

4 Reasons Why a Rowing Machine Gives the Perfect Workout

By | March 20th, 2017|Categories: Fitness Forum|

You have probably heard that rowing is the perfect exercise—and for many people, it truly is. If you don’t like running, spinning, and other such activities, then rowing might be the right match for you. It’s a great workout for anyone of any fitness level. Here are four reasons why: It’s efficient - If you are [...]