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DKN X-Motion Indoor Cycle (Discontinued)

Please note that this product has been discontinued



The DKN X-Motion Semi-Commercial Indoor Cycle is a revolutionary indoor cycle that has been designed to provide a road-like ride, feedback and programming options commonly found on premium exercise bikes. The cycle has a 23kg flywheel that provides a race-grade smoothness and silent operation. The breakthrough innovation of the X-Motion is computer controlled, frictionless resistance applied directly to the large flywheel, which enables an array of features to be accessed through the intuitive, TFT touch screen console.

The DKN X-Motion Indoor Cycle has a hard-layered high-density aluminium flywheel that is triple centered to ensure an ultimate smoothness. The V-Belt drive system provides a quality pedalling motion and silent operation. This ensures a silent resistance, and only the smoothest motion on the flywheel.

The X-Motion is equipped with micro-adjustable horizontally and vertically handlebars and height adjustable seat with 25mm horizontal adjustment facility that enable users of all heights to adjust the bike to the correct geometric riding position. The ergonomic racing saddle with flexible seat base and anatomical cutout is vertically and horizontally adjustable to ensure even more comfort and perfectly fit your needs.

The intuitive, TFT touch screen offers a great range of features designed to ensure a challenging and effective workout. The console provides detailed feedback on time, distance, rpm, pulse, watts, and calories burned. It also offers 32 levels of resistance and 16 programmes, including 1 manual, 1 watt, 1 user defined, 1 HRC and 12 pre-set. In addition, the console enables 4 users to set up their individual profiles composing of gender, age, weight and height.

A particularly useful feature for all cyclists is the watt control programme that uses the Smart Technology to provide measured and controlled training. The Smart Technology calculates the required level of resistance based on pedalling speed and profile information and adjusts the resistance every 15 to 30 seconds to keep the cyclist at the requested training level.  

Unique Features

Adapting the Smart Technology, you can create a real work-out program using Watt controlled guidance. The WATT control is particularly useful for cyclists as it enables a target level of effort to be entered and the Smart Technology calculates the required level of resistance based on pedalling speed and the profile information and continuously adjusts the resistance every 15 to 30 seconds to keep the user at the requested training level. The target range available is 10 Watts to a very challenging 350 Watts!

Select a pre-stored run, create your own ride, check-out on a heart-rate control course, personalize your user profile. The X-Motion offers 32 digitally controlled load levels and 20 time segments, while the touch screen panel keeps track of your workout time, distance, rpm, pulse, watts, and calories burned.

A hard-layered high-density aluminum 23 kg flywheel, triple centered, driven by V-Belt, equiped with custom bottom bracket and cranks to ensure a race-grade ultimate smoothness, offering a quality pedaling motion and silent operation.

The X-Motion enables a correct geometric riding position for users of all heights to be achieved through a combination of a height adjustable seat with a 25mm horizontal adjustment facility and handlebars that are micro-adjustable horizontally and vertically. 

Challenge yourself on some of the world's most iconic trips DKN's new Technology allows you to out check yourself on some parts of the real routes. Select a trip, press start and follow the map at your own pace, with the incline and decline feature. It's as easy as that: ride the real thing, but within the privacy of your own place.

Technical Specifications

Preprogrammed courses Watt controlled programming Wireless heart rate control programming 'My zone' Adjustable resistance control Adjustable handlebar
Emergency stop yes
Resistance Friction less Watt-Controlled guidance
Drive Poly V-Belt
Max user limit 150 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1150 x 560 x 1900 mm
Flywheel set 23 kg
Weight 54 kg
Certification CE/EN 957 Class H
Adjustable seatposition yes
Program profiles 12
Watt control 10 - 500 Watt
'My zone' HR programming yes
Adjustable handlebar yes
User profile 4
Distance yes
Time yes
Rpm yes
Speed yes
Calories yes
Transportwheels yes
Wireless HR yes

The X-Motion is a revolutionary indoor cycle:

X-Motion i-Console (Optional Extra)

Technical Specifications

DKN iWorld App for Android and IOS Wireless HR
Dimensions (LxWxH) 145 x 44 x 100 mm
Weight 160 gr
Wireless HR yes
DKN iWorld yes

Upgrade your DKN X-Motion Wattbike, with the i-Console.

Download DKN iWorld, connect your iPhone or Smartphone, and bike any trip anywhere in the globe

Create your own Route, follow online using Streetview, share your work-out with friends, keep track of your progress in your iLog.



Optional Extras

 DKN Heart Rate Strap